About Crystal
Sales Representative

  Crystal Pratt,

Sales Representative with The Gallant Group, joins our team with motivation  and enthusiasm to provide the ultimate service for her clients. Personable,  loyal and dedicated, Crystal’s passion for making her clients the most  informed buyers and sellers is evident in her daily interactions. Her  combination of professionalism and approachability establishes a  comfortable and confident client relationship.

The real estate industry is a natural fit for Crystal, who exemplifies all the  workings of a great realtor. She graduated Business management in 2005  with honours, and has extensive experience in the customer service sector. Her passion is and always has been people! Her 2 years' experience in the real estate industry has built a solid foundation of knowledge and helping clients is second nature..  

What you didn't know about Crystal...

80's Hair Do: The Bowl Cut. C'mon, I was a kid, I didn't have a choice in the matter.

Greatest Influence: My parents, who always believe in me. My husband, who always has my back. My children, who remind me of the simple pleasures and teach me to be a better version of myself.

Childhood Dream Job: Actor & Firefighter

Favourite Sport: Volleyball

Hobbies: Reading, Playing darts, and Sitting by a bonfire

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